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NuBits | The World's First Stable Digital Currency

How Can NuBits Be Used?

No other digital currency on Earth has the same versatility as NuBits.

Getting Started With NuBits

Using digital currency for the first time can seem difficult. Let us help make it easier. Here is a step-by-step guide to using NuBits.

1Download your free wallet

Windows, macOS, and Linux wallets available!

Download wallet

2Get NuBits

It’s time to get some NuBits to use in your new wallet! Visit an exchange to buy and sell NuBits for $1.00 US.

Each exchange will have their own instructions and rules for registration to ensure compliance with financial regulations and laws.

Be sure to visit the help page on each exchange to learn more about depositing and withdrawing NuBits.

Once you have withdrawn NuBits from an exchange into your personal wallet, you will be able to use them anywhere.

Find an exchange

3Use NuBits

Check out these tutorial videos for a step-by-step guide to using NuBits.

►  Sending & Receiving NuBits
►  Parking Your NuBits
►  Encrypting the Wallet

4Learn more about NuBits

There are many resources that can help you become a NuBits expert:

White Paper
Social Media