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What is Bitcoin?
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Why use Bitcoin?
10 good reasons

Is Bitcoin legal?
Basically, yes

Is Bitcoin bad (a Ponzi scheme etc.)?
Basically, no

Where can I download free, safe, fast Bitcoin wallet?

Where can I buy Bitcoins to put them into my wallet?

Where can I spend my Bitcoins?
A lot of large and famous Internet marketplaces

What is the difference between Litecoin and Bitcoin?
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Where can I ask other cryptocurrency questions?
The most popular forum is

What are altcoins?
Something like Bitcoin, but with different names, features, developers, infrastructure and different price on exchanges. Like there are not only USD and EURO, or not only gold and silver, but also other currencies, precious metals, jewels. For example, Dogecoin or Litecoin are altcoins.

Where can I buy altcoins?
Popular exchanges are,,,,,

What does /BTC or /LTC means?
It shows the price of altcoin whether in Bitcoin (/BTC) or in Litecoin (/LTC). Similar to Forex prices of currencies in /USD or /EURO.
For example, DOGE/BTC rate means how many Bitcoins you should pay to buy 1 Dogecoin.

What is Market Cap (or Capitalization)?
The current total market value (in USD or in BTC) of all coins. An altcoin has generally a limited number of coins. We can estimate altcoin market capitalizations as the current price multiplied by the total number of coins.

What are Altcoin Indices ?
The Dow Jones and S&P500 are traditional stock market indices. We are calculating the ALT19 Index (19 altcoins included, values are in BTC) and the ALT100 Index (100 altcoins included, values are in USD). They are used as a measure of the general level of altcoin prices.

Does sell anything?
No. It's a free tool. Charts, historical data, real-time quotes from altcoin exchanges.

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