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Altcoin Market Indices

The Dow Jones and S&P500 are traditional stock market indices.
The ALT19 Index (19 altcoins included, values are in BTC) is the oldest Altcoin market index (since 2013).
The ALT19+ Index (33 altcoins included, values are in BTC) is launched in 2017 to replace the ALT100 Index.
The ALT100 Index was a broad market index and was composed of large-, mid-, small-cap well-diversified altcoins.
Altcoin Indices are used as a measure of the general level of altcoin prices.

The ALT19 Index
The ALT19 Index value is calculated in BTC, in a real-time mode. The index was first calculated on December 13, 2013 with a base value of 100.
The ALT19 Index is a simple arithmetic sum of 19 components (each component's value is a price of coin in BTC multiplied by the quantity specified).
Since March, 2017 the ALT19 Index components are:

Coin Symbol Quantity
Litecoin LTC 572
Ethereum ETH 187
Namecoin NMC 2127
Peercoin PPC 2233
Feathercoin FTC 110495
Nxt NXT 118095
Primecoin XPM 14482
Dogecoin DOGE 7233333
Dash DASH 29
Lisk LSK 7592
Factom FCT 385
NEM XEM 115528
Monero XMR 119
DigiByte DGB 3100000
Ardor ARDR 60488
Counterparty XCP 372
ZCash ZEC 24
BitShares BTS 249664
Ethereum Classic ETC 500

The ALT19+ Index

Coin Symbol Quantity
NEM XEM 70017
Ethereum Classic ETC 505
Ethereum ETH 38
Dogecoin DOGE 3131313
ZCash ZEC 18
Ardor ARDR 45825
Factom FCT 233
Dash DASH 13
BitGem BTG 13858
BitShares BTS 189140
DigiByte DGB 3131313
FeatherCoin FTC 111611
IXCoin IXC 155272
Litecoin LTC 173
Monero XMR 52
Mooncoin MOON 1123325000
Namecoin NMC 2149
Novacoin NVC 737
Nxt NXT 89466
Peercoin PPC 1692
Primecoin XPM 14629
Quark QRK 563636
Unobtanium UNO 341
Vertcoin VTC 18118
Counterparty XCP 225
Lisk LSK 5751
Waves WAVES 3315
Pascalcoin PASC 4055
Synereo AMP 16578
Steem STEEM 8671
Chronobank TIME 83
Golem GNT 35449
42-coin 42 1.7

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Some coins may be unsafe or inactive, or may become unsafe or inactive.
Alternate currencies may be illegal in your jurisdiction. These are high-risk investments with liquidity risks and other financial risks!
Please do your own research.

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